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We offer a wide variety of mobility chairs for easy, comfortable transportation.

It’s not a Wheelchair. It’s not a Power Chair…

Presenting the Zinger and Zoomer Chairs!

Get ready for the ride of your life. 

The Zinger and Zoomer electric chairs give you back your mobility and allow you the freedom to move around your home, your neighborhood, indoors and out. Both chairs are easy to use, portable and lightweight, so you can get out and enjoy the outdoors anytime.

Zingers and Zoomers are easy to take with you. Both are easy to fold up by simply pulling the release cable. No parts to assemble or disassemble. At less than 50 pounds, including the battery, they are light enough for you or a helper to put them in your back seat or trunk.

The Zoomer Chair offers the same benefits that make the Zinger so popular but features an innovative joystick control system that can be easily operated with just one hand.

Get your mobility back with our Zingers and Zoomers. Enjoy shopping, restaurants, and parks… anywhere you want to travel. 


Left and right levels control where you go, stop, or turn.


Control direction forwards or backwards with Joystick.