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The Prevail ® Story

Prevail – Life, Without Restrictions

When you take back control, you Prevail.®

The Prevail® Brand

When we created Prevail®, we set out to make a product that would help people live their lives to the fullest, with nothing holding them back. Prevail® was designed for every single one of us, because incontinence can affect anyone at one time or another. We put our heart and soul into the creation of Prevail® and it shows.

Prevail® is about hope. It’s about trust. It’s about dignity. When you take back control, you Prevail®.

The Prevail® Promise

With unpredictable leaks and unwanted odors, many with Loss of Bladder or Bowel Control (LOBC) can feel restricted and often keep themselves isolated. If you are a caregiver being close with those under your care is important in creating a healing, supportive relationship. Prevail® puts care into every last detail in products and programs to provide unsurpassed protection and comfort that allow people with LOBC to live better, feel more confident and get closer to those around them.

Quality and Thoughtful Innovation

Quality in everything we do. You have come to expect from us the highest quality in products. You count on us to support our products with educational programs and resources that help you bring about continuous improvement in healthcare outcomes. We continue to step up our focus on quality that has made us a leading partner in healthcare.

We do so with thoughtful innovation. We will continue to bring to market products and programs that respond to our customers’and consumers needs. We will continue to manufacture products that we truly believe in; products born from thoughtfulness and caring; products we would be happy to offer to our very own loved ones. This is part of how we manage our business…the First Quality® way.

The First Quality® Way

Our Commitment: Quality. Service. Integrity. Sustainability.

  • We make products that we can offer our own loved ones. First Quality® is a family-owned company which was established in 1989. We bring products to market with the quality that we are proud to offer our extended families.
  • We focus on core categories where we can make a difference. Our focus is the investment behind absorbent hygiene products which we know best, and pursue the most advanced technologies to offer value-added differentiation.
  • We are vertically integrated to manage cost, quality and customer service. First Quality® operates multiple manufacturing sites to ensure constant supply. We produce key raw materials and are fully automated to deliver consistent quality at scale.
  • We are committed to protecting and improving our environment through sustainability initiatives. In our manufacturing process, 99% of raw materials and packaging are utilized. Less than 1% goes to the landfill.
  • We are proud to say that our products are engineered and assembled in our manufacturing plants in the U.S.A. The First Quality® group of companies has over 4,000 team members behind the production and delivery of high quality products. Our focus on quality has helped us become a leading Incontinence product manufacturer in the U.S.A.

In whatever we do, Quality must come First.

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